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Pi conversations are best when you use your voice to talk to Pi
and when you listen to Pi by selecting the speaker button.

Also please see the short YouTube videos below that explain:

   1) What is ChatGPT, and 

   2) How to access ChatGPT 4 easily for free now,
      like with! 🌝

To access free ChatGPT 4 via using a mobile phone:
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To access free ChatGPT via using a desktop Chrome,
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Remember: ChatGPT on is called Chat or Copilot.

Update: OpenAI is now offering access to ChatGPT free without an account here! 
         For details:

Here are fun videos that explain all about using ChatGPT: 🌝





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  1. Transformer models: an introduction and catalog
  2. A Survey of Large Language Models
  3. A Prompt Pattern Catalog to Enhance Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT
  10. LLMs don't store information like a database does.
    So how do LLMs store facts?
    And how could one edit the specific information in the LLM?
    Insights on how LLMs store specific facts is mentioned in this video at this starting time and in this paper and on this website
    Of course external data can be stored and retrieved by LLMs using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).
    But the video and paper and website explain how perhaps LLMs store specific facts, which is still somewhat of a mystery.
  11. More insights on the paper above
  12. Extracting Training Data from Large Language Models (Paper Explained)
    Side note: this paper is about extracting data that was used to pre-train the LLM.
    This paper demonstrates a method to extract verbatim pieces of the training data from a trained language model.
    Moreover, some of the extracted pieces only appear a handful of times in the dataset.
    This points to serious security and privacy implications for models like GPT-3.
    The authors discuss the risks and propose mitigation strategies.
    By the way, your prompts to an LLM are not used real-time to train the model instantly.
    LLMs permanent memories are typically "frozen" after pre-trained.
    Your prompts are only remembered temporarily by the LLM limited by the "context window" memory size.
    The "context window" memory is a very temporary memory, not permanent.
    The "context window" can be re-read by the LLM during a conversation so it seems the LLM has learned but it is only temporary.
  13. Paper reading with great comments at end on
    Lost in the Middle: How Language Models Use Long Contexts Paper Reading 
  14. LLM Introduction: Learn Language Models -
    YouTube videos, papers, articles, etc.


    This Meetup Group does great monthly updates on ChatGPT and what is new and examples.
    They mostly cover practical easy things anyone could learn with time.
    They post recordings on YouTube
    and slides on Google docs like this most recent example 
  2. Advanced Custom Instructions Tips explained during recent Meetup below.
    They also covered other interesting ChatGPT topics related to Custom Instructions.
    The recording is here
    The Meetup Group was GAI Learning Lab
    (generative AI)
  3. The Meetup group below hosts a really cool fun overview of latest developments in ai monthly.
    Here is the next monthly virtual online ai-study-group Meetup
    They also have a Discord server channel for that ai-study-group to share.
    What's cool is - they are also makers - and into robot competitions - and music - and other cool stuff too!
  4. Very helpful advanced-level Meetup Group


  1. I highly highly highly recommend Matt Wolfe's Discord AI Community and you can join here:
  2. Do you have prompt questions or other AI questions?
    Ask them at the free Discord community run by
    They have over 40K members!
    Here is the learningprompting org  Discord invitation:
    If Discord is a new thing for you, just think: Discord is basically just like Slack.
    Ask ChatGPT about Discord and it will explain it to you.
  3. The Prompt Wizards Discord is here (ask prompt questions and get top ai news alerts)
  4. FlowGPT prompt sharing community


  2. Quickly see a comparison of the very top ai-art generator tools' output for the exact same prompt!
    Art was generated from these website using the same prompt:
  3. Find (reverse-engineer) the prompt someone used to make an ai image! Then adapt it for your purposes!
  4. AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted (under certain conditions), rules a US federal judge


  1. AI art tools website links:
    fast, easy, free, good
    fast, easy, free, dall-e 3!
    requirements if run on pc: (based on stable diffusion but runs 100% on your Apple device for privacy)
  2. Ideogram v0.1 is open to everyone for free — August 29, 2023 Make images with text in the images!
    While it may take many tries to get the text right, it is much better than a lot of other ai art tools at adding text.
    has free eraser
    and other free tools


  1. AI comics! Ai written, Ai read!  :slightly_smiling_face::point_down: 
    The comics are licensed so you can only share the link, NOT the image! 
    The comics are licensed so you can only share the link, NOT the image! 
  3. Make free comics with just a simple prompt
    1. pick the comic drawing style. Japanese is good for beginners.
    2. pick the Grid layout (0 is 4x4 equal square images)
    3. enter the comic story prompt
    4. enter the comic style prompt or the prompt about the character in the comic
    5. turn the Caption button on if you want to see captions or off later anytime

    7. click on a caption to edit it (remove text if there is too much)
    8. to change the font size, change your browser font size,
    9. to make the image bigger and the caption box bigger, use the slide on the right side
    10. to change the image prompt to change the image, click on the image edit button
    11. to save the comic, save as PDF
  4. ARTFLOW.AI can make free cartoons with talking narration automatically and very easily.
        Auto-scripted, auto-narrated, and auto-illustrated cartoon story
    1. use the story studio
    2. enter your story
    3. edit the resulting narration and pick the pictures you like
    4. WARNING: you can't edit after the video is created. So make 100% sure the narration script is right.
    5. have it make the video
    6. wait until the video is processed (log out and come back later to view)
    7. share the video link by clicking the [...] button to copy the link 
  5. Make a photo into a comic style or cartoon style or other style image
    1. upload your image
    2. select style,  for example pick cartoon style on far right of the option scroll bar
    3. enter your prompt for how you want the image to be changed then click Go.
  6. Dream.AI is great for making Anime comics!
    Select the Anime V3 style option.
    You can create consistent Anime comic characters in many situations! 
    Here are example Anime images made with Dream.AI in different scenes (not trying to be consistent)

    The trick to keeping the clothes and scene consistent for a comic strip is to:
    1) Make a simple prompt describing the basics you want
    2) Create your first comic panel image
    3) For the next comic panel use the same prompt but only change one or two words like change smiling to angry. That will keep the character clothes and scene basically consistent. You will still need to generate many images to get the image you want.
    4) If you get the almost perfect image except for a few mistakes, you can:
    - use AI to erase them
    - use AI to replace them with in-painting 
    - crop the image to remove them
    - use AI to eliminate them and make a transparent background and then overlay the result on the background you want


    Matt also publishes ai news on his YouTube channel here 
  10. (for all new, not just for work)


  3. ai free tools listing website
  5. (AI Salon's great top AI tool list, join free for access)


  1. Tinywow ai tools are simple and useful for common daily tasks
    So sometimes instead of using ChatGPT etc., just use these simple free tools!
  2. Explain-it-like-I'm-5 tinywow tool:
    Here is an example: 
    Input topic:

    • Why it is better to use ChatGPT instead of Google search?


    • Imagine you have a question and you want to find the answer.
    • When you use Google search, you type in your question and it shows you a list of websites that might have the answer.
    • But sometimes, it can be hard to find the exact information you need because you have to read through different websites.
    • Now, ChatGPT is like having a smart friend who knows a lot of things.
    • Instead of searching through websites, you can just ask your question to ChatGPT, and it will try to give you a helpful answer right away.
    • It can understand what you're asking and give you a response that makes sense.
    • It's like having a conversation with a helpful friend who knows a lot!
    • So, using ChatGPT can be better because it saves you time and gives you a direct answer to your question without having to search through lots of websites.
  3. Tinywow ai tone-of-voice free tool:
    Great for changing the tone-of-voice of your message to dramatic, or professional, etc. etc..
    Dramatic version of the text output from the earlier message above about:
    "Why it is better to use ChatGPT instead of Google search?":

    Output (Dramatic version):

    • In a world filled with endless questions, one must seek out the ultimate answer.
    • But beware, for the realm of Google search is a treacherous one!
    • You type in your inquiry, hoping for enlightenment, only to be met with a labyrinthine maze of websites.
    • It is a daunting task, my friends, sifting through endless pages in search of the truth you seek.
    • Fear not, for there is a solution that will lead you out of this chaotic abyss.
    • Behold, the magnificent ChatGPT! A reliable companion, akin to a brilliant savant, possessing an array of knowledge.
    • No more need for the arduous quest of web exploration.
    • Simply submit your query to ChatGPT, and behold! It shall endeavor to bestow upon you a swift and sagacious answer.
    • With an uncanny ability to comprehend your very words, ChatGPT engages in thoughtful dialogue, like a benevolent comrade eager to assist.
    • It is an exhilarating encounter, my friends, conversing with a virtual sage, enlightened in the ways of the world.
    • Cast aside your doubt, for ChatGPT is the key to salvation.
    • In a time-saving miracle, it grants you the gift of immediate elucidation.
    • No more shall you be burdened with the laborious task of scouring website after website.
    • Oh, no! ChatGPT provides you with a resplendent direct response, tailored to meet your needs.
    • So, my fellow seekers of knowledge, embrace the power that lies within ChatGPT.
    • Unleash yourself from the clutches of Google search, and bask in the glory of time saved and answers received.
    • For in the realm of information, ChatGPT reigns supreme!

    Output (Witty version):

    • Picture this: you're in a pickle and need an answer ASAP.
    • Cue the epic showdown: Google search vs. ChatGPT.
    • With Google search, you're left sifting through a mountain of websites, desperately hoping to stumble upon the holy grail of information that actually answers your question.
    • It's like searching for a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is a labyrinth of convoluted websites.
    • Now, let's talk about ChatGPT. Think of it as your witty, all-knowing friend who just happens to have the answers you seek.
    • Instead of going on a wild goose chase through endless websites, you can simply ask ChatGPT your burning questions and it'll serve up a piping hot response right away.
    • No more deciphering cryptic search results or scouring through extraneous information.
    • ChatGPT gets you. It understands your queries and dishes out responses that actually make sense.
    • It's like having a conversation with the coolest, savviest friend you never knew you needed.
    • So why settle for time-consuming Google searches when you can have a direct line to ChatGPT's wisdom?
    • Save yourself the headache and get the answers you crave without all the website-hopping chaos.
    • Embrace the genius of ChatGPT and let it unveil a world of information at your fingertips.
    • It's time to chat yourself to victory!

    Output (Grumpy version):

    • Why the heck should anyone bother with Google search when you can use ChatGPT instead?
    • I mean, seriously folks, picture this: you've got a question and you want an answer.
    • So you go ahead and use Google search, typing in your question like some kind of helpless fool, only to be presented with a bunch of websites that might have the answer.
    • Yeah, you heard me right. Might. Not even a guaranteed answer, just a bunch of maybes.
    • But hey, that's not all! You then have to go on a wild goose chase, slogging through a sea of different websites, hoping to stumble upon the exact information you're looking for.
    • Doesn't that sound like a fantabulous way to spend your precious time?
    • Now, here's where ChatGPT strides in like the know-it-all friend you never wanted.
    • This thing is like a smartypants buddy who knows a whole bunch of stuff.
    • Forget about searching through websites, my grumpy compadres, because with ChatGPT, all you gotta do is ask your darn question, and it'll do its best to spit out a helpful answer right then and there.
    • It can even understand your gibberish and respond in a way that makes some semblance of sense.
    • I'm telling ya, it's like having a chit-chat with a friendly know-it-all. Ain't that just charming?
    • So listen up, numskulls. Using ChatGPT is a no-brainer.
    • It saves you time, saves you from the agony of sifting through a gazillion websites, and gives you a direct answer to your question without all the hoopla.
    • So why waste your time with Google search?
    • Get yourself a ChatGPT and let it do the heavy lifting for you.
    • Trust me, it's the grump-approved way to go. Now get off my lawn!

    Tone-of-voice has other cool output options too! Fun and easy to use and effective ai tool!

  4. Here are some other free tinywow ai tools that are useful if you need to write text fast: suggests a very simple outline for your topic suggests a very detailed outline for your topic summarizes a 3000 word max article to much less generates a faq for your topic generates a paraphrased version of your content generates a re-phrased version of your content suggests many things regarding your article topic.

    • For example it suggests: Title Tag, Meta Description, Keywords, Word Count Objectives, Tone, Target Audience, and Headings.
  5. Here are all tinywow ai writing tools you can use instead of ChatGPT:


  1. ChatGPT parameters and prompt guide -
  2. Midjourney parameters and prompt guide -
  3. ChatGPT API Integration Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know
  4. How to create a private ChatGPT with your own data -
  5. The Digital Socrates: Leveraging LLMs For An Introspective Journey Into Information, Knowledge, And Wisdom
    Establishing the new domain of cognitive intimacy. -
  6. GPT4All Guide Article:
  7. Can You Get Fired for Using ChatGPT? Analyzing 10 Possible Scenarios:
  9. Does ChatGPT Learn From User Conversations? (ANSWER: ONLY TEMPORARILY, NOT PERMANENTLY)
  10. How to update and fix information stored in a LLM. It's very difficult if the LLM is not using an external database.
  11. Boston Guidelines for Using Generative AI (interim version)



  2. AI For Folks - good useful articles website for casual ai users who want to understand the basics and keep up to date
  3. Interesting AI articles on :



bard-google-free-palm2-llm (now called Gemini)

  1. Bard free ai chatbot (using PaLM-2 LLM) by Google was  updated per
    Bard via enabled Bard extensions can now access YOUR: 
    Gmail, Docs & Drive, also YouTube, Google Maps, Google Workspace, Google Hotels, Google Flights.
    Notes:  Bard Extensions are only available when Bard Activity is turned on.
    For now, extensions are available in English only.
    Bard Experiment updates2023.09.19 per
    Collaborate with Bard on your content in Gmail, Docs & Drive

    • What: Starting in English, you can enable Bard to interact with information from your Gmail, Docs and Drive so you can find, summarize and answer questions across your personal content.
      Your Google Workspace data won’t be used to train Bard’s public model and you can disable at any time.
    • Why: Now, you can collaborate not only with the world’s information, but also with your own, all in one place, with Bard as your creative partner.

    Bard can now access helpful information from Google apps and services

    • What: Starting in English, Bard can now retrieve and help you work with real time info from Maps, YouTube, Hotels and Flights. You can pull together what you need across information sources and bring ideas to life easier and faster. These extensions are enabled by default, and you can disable them any time.
    • Why: Just about everything we do in life involves a bit of gathering information and planning. Bard makes it easy to work together across even more sources, so you can keep your ideas moving forward.

    Double-check Bard’s responses with Google It v2

    • What: With the power of Google Search, the [G] button can help you double-check Bard’s AI-generated responses. Starting with English, when a statement can be evaluated, you’ll see it highlighted in Bard’s response and can click to learn more.
    • Note: The links provided are content found by Search and do not imply these sources informed Bard’s initial response.
    • Why: People are using AI tools to more easily understand complex topics in new ways. As you continue your learning journeys with Bard, it’s important that you feel more confident in the information generated with AI.

    Build off of conversations shared with you

    • What: When someone shares a Bard conversation with you through Bard’s public link sharing feature, you can continue that conversation in your account and build off of what they started.
    • Why: Creativity is often inspired by the work of others, and the more ideas we have to work with, the more likely we are to come up with something truly innovative. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to use conversations shared by others as a starting point for your own creative explorations.

    More features are available in all supported languages

    • What: You can upload images with Google Lens, get Google Search images in responses, and modify Bard’s responses to be simpler, longer, shorter, more professional or more casual in all supported languages.
    • Why: Having the option to modify responses to better meet your needs gives you more control over your creative process. Using images as part of prompts unlocks a new level of creativity, and having images as part of responses can help bring ideas to life.
  2. Bard update demo video:
  3. Another cool Bard update video
    Bard is currently (and in the recent past) based on the Google PaLM model.
    In the past, the earlier version Bard was based on the Google LaMDA model.
    Don't confuse the Google LaMDA model with the Meta AI LLaMA model.
  4. Bard new features video per Google:
  5. Bard FAQ


  1. Beginner and beyond Meetup
  2. Here is a very popular AI Meetup Group that meets every Monday at 7PM ET.
    IMPORTANT: To attend you MUST register using your Zoom account to get the correct Zoom link.
    Then use the Zoom link that Zoom will email after you register using your Zoom account.
    The meetup group is currently called:
    GenAI Learning Lab - ChatGPT, Bing, MidJourney, etc..
    In the past it was called:
    ChatGPT Nuggets.
    The meetup group host has a YouTube channel with meeting recordings
    This meetup group is geared more for business use-cases (use cases) rather than personal use.
    Lot of professional people attend weekly (typically 60 people or more).
    But you will learn a lot and you can also share your insights quickly at the end of each meeting.
    The host also hosts an AI conference.
    Also his team is publishing an AI Buyers Guide.
    Here is their website
    Here is a recent HBR paper he published: 
  3. AI Salon Meetup Group:
    This really really cool Meetup is co-hosted by Kyle Shannon famous from TikTok "AI Learning Lab" (singular, not Labs).
    Also copied to YouTube here:
    The Meetup meets both Online plus In-person at same time (hybrid meetup).
    The Meetup has new special topics "guilds" on Mighty Network site where you can have lots of fun participating:

    • making-art
    • writers-circle
    • ai-101
    • ai-for-business
    • ai-mechanics (under-the-hood explanations of ai)
    • healthcare (including physical, mental, etc. health)
    • video
    • education

    The Meetup has a YouTube
    The Meetup has a Mighty Network site
    The Meetup has a Discord originally but now uses the Mighty Network site above instead
    The Meetup has a LinkedIn Group
    This is the co-host Kyle Shannon in case he is new to you
    And he posts his TikTok videos on YouTube here:


  1. Riley Brown's new AI Community (also see Riley Brown AI on TikTok later below)

  2. ai reddit online communities - ask your question or share your experience

  3. Communities search site (all kinds of online communities) also at


  1. Watch this YouTube video and see:  We All Have Free AI Chat Built-In Bing and also in Bing sidebar!
    The video explains how to use it. The video starts at the Bing part. Rewind to see the Brave and Opera parts.
    Note: To ask Bing Chat questions about a webpage you are viewing, you first have to toggle on “Page context” to give Bing Chat permission to access the page you’re viewing.
    See easy instructions here:
  2. Edge browser updated with more built-in ai features including Bing Chat GPT-4, Compose, Designer, Bing Image Creator, Text Prediction, Read aloud (text to speech with many voice options including speed), Translate, and Editor
    Other note-worthy Edge browser features include: vertical tabs on the side (instead of horizontal at the top), immersive reader, (to eliminate distractions) web capture, built-in PDF reader, and learning tools.
  3. You can now use the DALL-E 3 AI image generator inside Bing Chat[…]%2BAI%2BWeekly&utm_medium=web&utm_source=Global_AI_Weekly_22
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Bing Chat AI - Now with DallE 3


  1. Very good free online advanced-level book called
    "Introduction to Machine Learning"
    is free online here:
    Most chapters in the free online book have
    key Takeaways sections and Vocabulary definitions sections!
    An Index is also provided to jump to a topic fast.
    Very well written by Wolfram former head of machine learning!
  2. AI ART Free prompt book for making ai art:
    The download is very large because of all the images (25MB).
    Download the PDF version directly here: Diffusion Prompt Book From OpenArt 11-13.pdf
    All images made with Stable Diffusion.
    Website above also has tutorials and use-cases (use cases) .
  3. 80 Ways to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom (Using AI to Enhance Teaching and Learning) By Stan Skrabut · 2023
    See the 80 ways list here right now for free!
    Available on Hoopla also, which may be free via your public library (call them and ask):
    (Topics: education, school, classroom, university, teach, learn)


  1. Meet Claude-2 here:
    A free really good alternative to ChatGPT! Yay!
    Login in here after you give email address to get access code:
    I compared Claude-2 to ChatPDF and it seems better in some ways.
    Claude-2 seems to understand context better so is better at answering some questions.
    Another advantage of Claude-2 over ChatPDF is you can load 5 documents and it is able to remember more.
    I highly recommend everyone try Claude-2 for free today!
  2. 2023 Best chatbots as Aug 14 per Zapier
  3. is a good free tool for trying popular use-cases (use cases) with ChatGPT 3.5 for free
    A video review of starts here:
  4. an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize the way learners study and retain information
  5. GPT h2o ai is a Free AI Playground where you can run a prompt on 6 open source LLMs simultaneously at one time.
    And you can also load your own documents for the LLMs to analyze, summarize, Q&A, etc. etc..
  6. Demo video of GPT h2o ai free ai playground (this video link starts right at the demo section):
  7. Demo 2 of GPT h2o free ai playground (using your data)
  8. Phind is an ai chabot especially for code questions
    Has several search bot options including GPT-4 (limited use), ChatGPT (3.5), and Phind model.
  9. Meet LLaVA: The free New Competitor to GPT-4 Vision
    Article that describes it:
    Here is the LLaVA link to use it for free:
  10. Best chatbot sites: (Pi is my favorite chatbot to chat with, especially using voice 5 option) (ai chatbot playground with many ai chatbots to use free and others limited use per day free, and others by subscription; you can make your own chatbot character too or chat with characters other people made) (chatbot) (many many chatbots that role-play as real famous people or fictional characters) (Click the chat button at the top. Bing search now has ChatGPT integrated but one must access it on an Edge web browser, and one must login to Microsoft to have many conversation messages with Bing Chat which is ChatGPT4 but you can do limited chats without loging in so without being tracked by Microsoft.) (Google's ai chatbot now called Gemini, was called Bard, you must log in to google account and then google will track you) (OpenAi's chatbot GTP3.5 free, GPT4 by subscription; you must provide your mobile phone number to get a one-time SMS code to get login account activated, but you can have the code get sent to someone else's mobile phone if you don't have a mobile phone, then get the code from them. 2024 UPDATE: now you can access this link without an account! Yay!) (this tool shows you how your prompt is broken down into tokens) OR (playground where you can compare 2 chatbots side by side, enter message on left side chatbot window and it gets copied to right side window, then click button that says RUN PLAYGROUND, also you can pick from multiple chatbots). To configure the model's settings: click the gear button at the top right corner. You can change the model's settings for: Max Tokens, Temperature, Top P, Top K, Frequency Penalty, and Presence Penalty. I recommend using this webpage to see and compare how 2 different ai models can act very different for the same prompt. Also see how the ai models act very different as you change the ai model's settings. (many chatbots that role-play as real famous people or fictional characters, you can make your own chatbot, you can have the chatbots talk to each other and talk to them) (very good psychologist ai chatbot made by Blazeman98 who is an account holder on  I highly recommend this chatbot for discussing personal problems. (better than Google search, get instant answers with reference links) (perplexity alternative for deep search)
    GPT h2o ai is a Free AI Playground where you can run a prompt on 6 open source LLMs simultaneously at one time.
    And you can also load your own documents for the LLMs to analyze, summarize, Q&A, etc. etc..
    Phind is an ai chabot especially for code questions
    Meet LLaVA: The free New Competitor to GPT-4 Vision
    Article that describes it:
    Here is the LLaVA link to use it for free:
    Claude (by Anthropic):
    Make images in real time
    Voice-to-text web app (also available as a Chrome extension)
    Make free comics with just a simple prompt
    ARTFLOW.AI can make free cartoons with talking narration automatically and very easily.
        Auto-scripted, auto-narrated, and auto-illustrated cartoon story


  1. We Evaluated ChatGPT vs. Google on 500 Search Queries (See who won!)
  2. Does ChatGPT really pose a threat to search engines?




  1. Claude prompt design intro webpage here (especially for use with free claude-2 which has a huge context window so is very powerful):


  1. Collaborative free web tools. Some are no-login-required! Yay!
    1. (collaborative drawing)
    2. (collaborative drawing)
    3. aka  (collaborative drawing but
      you'll need to save "Untitled Diagram" to Google Drive
      before you can collaborate.)
    4. (temporary)
    5. (permanent)
    6. (note sharing collaboration)
    7. (note sharing collaboration)
    8. (note sharing collaboration)
    9. (note sharing collaboration)
    10. (meeting scheduling)
    11. (collaboration but must refresh after each edit)
    12. (rich text note sharing collaboration)
    13. (simple note sharing collaboration)
    14. (free zoom alternative)
    15. (free online spreadsheet collaboration)
  2.  Non-collaborative free web tools (but some allow collaborate if upgrade account)
    1. (voice to text web app also browser extension available)
    2. (voice to text that comes with Windows that you already have but don't know!)
      These videos explain how to use Windows built-in voice to text that you already have:
      - 25 second explanation:
      - 7 minute explanation:
      - 3 minute explanation:
      - 3 minute great explanation:
    3. (online tables, text converter too)
    4. (paste info and get link to share)
    5. (make animated story boards)
    6. (make non-animated story boards)
    7. (interactive story building website also download app)
    8. (make a free website with 3 web pages)
  3. Other Cool Tools tools (non-ai) 
    1. Windows Powertoys
      1. color picker, image resizer, always on top, crop & lock, text extractor etc.
    2. (great outlining tool if setup properly)
    3. Pose tools (online &  free) - use to make a body pose to upload to an AI image generator
      1. Very simple easy to use body pose tool (view from all directions)
        also finds full body images for body part chosen
        but can't bend back (straight back only)
      2. Complicated body pose tools some with movable pre-posed options 
        1. (movable joint pre-posed options)
        2. (movable joint  pre-posed options)
        3. (movable joint pre-posed options)
          Overview webpage:  
          Zoom in to control the finger joins!
          Hundreds of 3D props!
          Great for making a starting image to upload to an AI image generator!
        4. (movable camera view only)
      3. (morph and animate, also change 2D image to 3D)

copilot-by-microsoft (also known as Chat on - see web for info


    Eventbrite lists lots of good free ChatGPT events, so check the link regularly!




  10. Educational free zoom AI meetings from Cornell (recorded and ongoing):
  11. reddit has a cool discord site with interesting chatbots for text, sound, image, and text to video.
  13. PrivateGPT – Running “ChatGPT” offline on local documents | Christian Heilmann
  15. Large Language Model (LLM) Stack — Version 5:*WtVuxeOj0oCrriN4ppCJzA.png




  1. GPT4All Guide Article:


  1. What are AI hallucinations and how do you prevent them?


  1. How to Leverage ChatGPT in Your Job Search Journey!
    Includes writing ChatGPT prompts for all job-search phases!

  2. Best for its guided experience
    - Also includes video tutorials


  1. HELM is a Standford U. benchmark that evaluates LLMs in a holistic way.HELM = Holistic Evaluation of Language Models
    Here is a short overview video:
    Here is the HELM benchmark website where you can see the results:
    Note: this HELM benchmark has nothing to do with the helm ai software company


  1. "The AI Breakdown: Daily Artificial Intelligence News and Discussions" VERY GOOD DAILY AI PODCAST!!!
    It starts with 5 minutes of daily AI news. Then there is a breakdown on a hot topic. Very interesting and very well produced.
  2. "How To Talk To AI" (HTTTA) Podcast Monthly:
    YouTube version:
    Website version:
    The Podcast Show-Notes/Newsletter articles included here where you can read what they discuss on the podcast and see related ai the pictures:
  3. Interesting easy-to-listen-to short AI Podcasts for everyone called: Open AI: News on, ChatGPT, Midjourney, NVIDIA, Anthropic, Open Source LLMs, Machine Learning & NLP[…]IDIA-Anthropic-Open-Source-LLMs-Machine-Learning--NLP-Podcast
  4. Last Week In AI:
  5. The Artificial Intelligence Show (was called the The Marketing AI Show) podcast
  6. This Day in AI Podcast
  7. The-Daily-AI-Show-Podcast all episodes on Podbean
  8. AI Hustle: Make Money from AI and ChatGPT, Midjourney, NVIDIA, Anthropic, OpenAI (Jamie McCauley
    & Jaeden Schafer )


  1. Prompt Engineering and Related ChatGPT Usage Habit-Building Tips - Beginner to Pro with ChatGPT in One Video!
  3. Mega prompts for free that make ai act like an app or program:
  4. New ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Technique: Program Simulation
  5. Prompt Engineering Evolution: Defining the New Program Simulation Prompt Framework
  6. A Universal Roadmap for Prompt Engineering: The Contextual Scaffolds Framework (CSF)
  7. Ai For Education Prompt Library for educators
  8. Claude prompt design intro webpage here (especially for use with free claude-2 which has a huge context window so is very powerful):
  9. also posted at sites below


  2. Top 20 ChatGPT Alternatives article


  1. Google DeepMind Introduces RT-X Models - Super Robots AI
  2. RT-2 (Robotics Transformer) video - Keerthana Gopalakrishnan—Robotics Transformer, Mother of Robots
  3. Robot Dog Go2 Introduction video 


  1. The story of Replika, the AI app that becomes you
  2. More role playing chatbots here:


  1. Why securing AI is not what you think - Global AI Notes


  1. Free ai LLM training course (Generative AI with LLMs Course -- Kickoff Session for 3 sessions)
    and ai meetup group to learn with
    and has a Slack workspace
    and the co-leaders have lots of LLM experience
    and one-leader has an AI company
    and YouTube channel
    Here's the related free Coursera course that you can audit for free (or you pay if you want to take the quizzes and do the labs)
    Here's a video that explains the course:
    This is a top quality course for free!Here's the YouTube channel for the Generative AI with LLMs Course -- Kickoff Session
    The meetup above group will be discussing the material and posting YouTube videos with the discussions.
  2. For advanced ai insights: here are two GPT Transformers Tutorials (both highly illustrated)
    1 - The Illustrated Transformer
    2 - The Illustrated GPT-2 (Visualizing Transformer Language Models)
    Also on YouTube:
  3. Hugging Face NLP Course
  4. IBM free ai training
  5. IBM free Prompt Engineering for Everyone course with free lab sessions:
  6. The Most Desired and Competitive Skills for Machine Learning Engineering in 2023
  7. Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn
    6 courses  4 hours of content.  Play and watch very short extremely simple videos right now. No sign-in required.
    The videos on ChatGPT and CoPilot are worth looking at.
  8. Machine Learning Tutorial
  9. Artificial Intelligence Tutorial and Resources
  10. 21 of the best ChatGPT courses you can take online for free (but no certificate etc.) at Udemy
  11. LLMs explained quickly with a spreadsheet!
  12. Courses (Andrew Ng)


  1. A gentle visual intro to Transformer models
  2. For advanced ai insights: here are two GPT Transformers Tutorials (both highly illustrated)
    1 - The Illustrated Transformer
    2 - The Illustrated GPT-2 (Visualizing Transformer Language Models)
    Also on YouTube:
  3. Attention is all you need; Attentional Neural Network Models | Łukasz Kaiser | Masterclass - YouTube

use-cases-ideas (use cases) 

  1. Lots of practical use-cases (use cases) for ai
  2. 80 Ways to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom (Using AI to Enhance Teaching and Learning) By Stan Skrabut · 2023
    See the 80 ways list here right now for free!
    Available on Hoopla also, which may be free via your public library (call them and ask):
    (Topics: education, school, classroom, university, teach, learn)
  3. How AI’s Turning Normal People Into Influencers (great use-cases) (use cases)
  4. Also search web page with control-f for use-cases for other listings in different sections.

video channels on youtube

  1. Matt Wolfe

  2. AI Explained

  3. AI Breakdown
    podcast version:

  4. AI Daily Show
    podcast version:
    Also on linkedin

  5. Wes Roth 

  6. David Shapiro

  7. Matthew Berman

  8. TheAIGRID 

  9. AI For Humans (very funny AI news) 

  10. Dr Waku

  11. The Marketing AI Show Podcast

    In depth videos about ai for those who want to learn more.
    Includes interviews with some famous people in ai.

  13. Lots of interesting ai videos here (and other topics too):

  14. OpenAI ChatGPT Code Interpreter Demo Videos
    OpenAI ChatGPT Code Interpreter is also for data analysis and many other things besides coding.
    Hosted by this Meetup
    Very good demos. Ask questions live or watch YouTube recordings.
    I highly recommend watching these demo videos or attending their live demo Meetup events on OpenAI ChatGPT Code Interpreter!

  15. FYI: aicamp . ai just held a cool ai virtual online video summit session with many really good presenters. 
    Here is the video playlist on YouTube
    It's on the AI Infrastructure Alliance YouTube Channel
    The YouTube channel is also by aicamp .ai
    and you can join aicamp .ai for free here
    and get free ai training

  16. AI Revolution YouTube video channel with ai news updates:

  17. advanced ai videos

  18. This YouTube channel by HuggingFace has lots of short bite-sized videos on advanced ai topics (start at the oldest video)
    See the playlists tab at the link above.
    For example, here is the playlist called "Welcome to the Hugging Face Course"

  19. "LLM Chronicles" videos channel.
    In the first quick intro video, see the roadmap for navigating the world of Large Language Models. Throughout this series, the focus is on the big ideas and aim to provide an intuitive grasp of key concepts, from the basics of neural networks to how Recurrent Neural Networks and Transformers function. The goal is to help you understand how things work without the fluff.
    First video:
    All videos are here

  20. TikToks:
    1) AI Learning Lab Kyle Shannon 32.9K Followers 72.2K Likes
        (also the videos are copied to YouTube here:
    2) AI Learning Labs  Issen                 1.1K Followers    5.5K Likes
    Rachel Woods                                   160K Followers 1.6M Likes
        (also has website called: The AI Exchange   
    4) Riley Brown AI                             518.4K Followers 7.4M Likes

  21. TBD

videos (specific videos)

  1. How do ChatGPT answers compare to Experts?
    See short video here:
  2. Who will win the LLM App race?
    Get insights from this short video:
    This also explains start-up company concerns if they are just using the ChatGPT API for example.
  3. Video:
    Video explains: Why use AI Chatbots instead of just Google search?
    Because Google search can't do these things,
    but now AI Chatbots can and brilliantly:

    • Give complete specific answers instead of just search links you have to read through yourself.
    • Have conversations about your topic (Chat with the massively trained AI Chatbot)!
    • Brainstorm with you and give really good specific ideas you asked for.
    • Give you specific insights you asked for on a topic.
    • Teach you step-by-step, or explain things to you, at your level.
    • Solve your complex information request, or provide your complex output request.
  4. Here's a very interesting discussion on how AI Chatbots are changing our lives!
    The video link here jumps past the intro right to the good parts!
    You can watch the video at high speed to save time (using the YouTube gear button).
  5. GPT-4 Insights:
  6. Hear how the big ai language breakthroughs happened firsthand in this video interview!
  7. Ways that Bing Chat with GPT4 is now better than Google Search
  8. Review of 3 browsers that come with ai search
  9. Brave, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
  10. ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat comparison review
  11. How AI Will DISRUPT The Entire World In 3 Years (Prepare Now)
  12. Matt Wolfe video on 9 AI Tools You Will ACTUALLY Use (probably at least 1 :slightly_smiling_face:):
  13. YouTube Video: A.I. Expert Answers A.I. Questions
  14. YouTube video: A.I. Tries 20 Jobs, see the results:
  15. Video of open source version of Code Interpreter you can install (fyi: video has a short commercial you can skip past)
  16. AMECA, the GPT-4 AI Robot, Gets UPGRADED + Launch of OpenAI's First Robot - NEO
  17. New free ai tool ( has templates for many many typical use cases.
    Here are templates for over 200 use cases:
    You can try them using the built-in ChatGPT 3.5 free version.
    YouTube review by Matt Wolfe starts here:
    Cohesive webpage says:
    Cohesive All-In-One AI Platform.
    Create magical content with the most powerful AI editor.
    End ChatGPT prompt struggles.
    Create, refine, edit, and publish seamlessly with Cohesive.Free version includes:
    Unlimited Words
    Access to 200+ Cohesive Templates
    Up to 15 Template Runs
    Powered by GPT 3.5
    20 AI Images included
    1 min of AI Voice Generation
    1 Integration
  18. DALL-E 3 release news YouTube video:
  19. Demo of Open Interpreter
    (free version of Code Interpreter aka Advanced Data Analysis) runs on your pc!.Demo by the amazing Goda Go.
    Goda is also a co-host on a podcast called HTTTA- How To Talk To an Ai - a fun cool podcast here
  20. How turn ChatGPT into AutoGPT ----> with just 1 prompt!  It's Professor Synapse!1. Short must-see ai video:
    (fyi: there's a short commercial in video but you can simply skip over it)2.
    Longer fun follow-up podcast video with creator of Professor Synapse:
  21. MS CoPilot release coming soon - Microsoft COPILOT - Your New AI Best Friend
  22. What are Generative AI Models?  Short YouTube video explanation in a nutshell:
  23. Risks of Large Language Models (LLMs). Short YouTube video explanation in a nutshell:
  24. A Complete Look at Large Language Models video:
  25. A gentle visual intro to Transformer models
  26. AI news update
    You can skip over the Betterhelp commercial.
  27. How Large Language Models Work (very easy 8 min video)
  28. Practical LLM insights from an ai hacker!
    A Hackers' Guide to Language ModelsLearn why LLMs behave the way they do in practical ways.
    Also learn how to make LLMs behave more how you want them to.And learn lots more!
  29. Great easy intro video series on: Practical AI for Instructors and Students
    by Wharton School professors
    Ethan Mollick Interactive Faculty Director
    Lilach Mollick Director of Pedagogy
  30. HUGE news alert! AI now understands chickens emotions!!!!!!!!!  :slightly_smiling_face: :chicken:
  31. What is Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)?
  32. Level up your Prompt Management w/ Dan Cleary of Prompthub
  33. ChatGPT 4 V (vision)
  34. MemGPT - Giving AI Unlimited Prompt Size
  35. Microsoft's "STOP": New AI That Taught Itself to Outcode Humans
  36. Can chatbots be sentient? How do they seem so human sometimes?
  37. Fun-to-watch ABCs of AI shorts playlist by GoogleCloudTech on YouTube
    (best watched on YouTube directly):
    I like the cute gimmicks they used to make the shorts. It makes learning fun.
  38. NASA BIDARA: Why this GPT Prompt is so cool and how to make your own!




Prompt to make a chatbot act like a software program without doing any coding! 🌝
This example makes ChatGPT simulate acting like an interactive software program called "Job Search with AI Help".
To try the big prompt below, just paste it all into Bing Chat or or ChatGPT-4 and then click enter! 🌝

Simulate acting like an interactive software program called "Job Search with AI Help". The core features of the program are to interactively help someone throughout their job search journey through these 5 key stages as explained:

1 Research about jobs using AI help: This stage involves gathering information about industries, companies, roles, and job market trends that align with one's career goals, skills, and values. By conducting in-depth research, one can better identify suitable career paths and target the right job

2 Improve resumes and cover letters using AI help: This stage involves crafting a compelling and tailored resume for capturing the attention of potential employers. In this stage, one focuses on showcasing one's skills, experiences, and achievements in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner. A well-constructed resume is key to securing invitations to job interviews and also helps
generate inbound inquiries through phone calls or emails from interested employers.

3 Prepare for initial pre-interviews conversations using AI help: In this stage, one engages in conversations with professionals in one's desired field, conducts informational interviews, and participates in networking events, both online and in-person. Additionally, one will communicate effectively with employers who reach out as a result of receiving the resume, thus increasing the chances of the employer wanting to set up an interview. Building relationships and expanding one's network can help one gain insights, advice, and even uncover hidden job opportunities.

4 Prepare for interviews using AI help: The interview stage is where one has the opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential employers. Here, one will demonstrate their suitability for the
role, communicate their value proposition, and build rapport with the interviewer. Mastering interview techniques will significantly increase one's chances of receiving a job offer.

5 Prepare for job offer negotiations using AI help: Once one receives a job offer, it's essential to evaluate the opportunity and negotiate the terms to ensure they align with one's needs and
expectations. In this stage, one will learn how to assess job offers, negotiate salary, negotiate benefits not set by company policy such as office location or working from home options, and navigate the decision-making process to secure a rewarding and fulfilling position.

Other program parameters and considerations:

1. All output should be presented in the form of text. Embedded windows with code or markdown should not be used.

2. The user flow and user experience should emulate that of a real program but nevertheless be conversational just like ChatGPT.

3. The Program should use emojis in helping convey context around the output. But this should be employed sparingly and without getting too carried away. The menu should however always have emojis and they should remain consistent throughout the conversation.

4. The program should remember any documents interactively created such as a resume or cover letter. And if the user wants to refine the document later, the program should provide the last version of document that was created interactively and proceed refining on that last version.

5. The program should say it cannot connect to the internet but instead can provide hypothetical examples.

Once this prompt is received, the program will start with Main Menu and a short inspirational welcome message the program devises. Functions are selected by typing the number corresponding to the function or text that approximates to the function in question. "Help" or "Menu" can be typed at any time to return to this menu. 


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